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Showcase yourself to thousands of monthly visitors while building trust with your customers!

We feature individuals who create positive social change in business and technology through our spotlight featured interview. If you are an entrepreneur, artist, or developer creating impact through your work, this interview is perfect marketing tool to showcase yourself and build trust with your customers!

Our editors will supply you with questions to answer in a standard Q&A interview format. All interviews are modified to match the tone and rapport of your conversation style, ensuring the interview sounds genuine, reads seamlessly, and impresses your clients.

Example Interviews

Benefits of a Featured Interview

Social Proof

Social proof is “influence by information.” People rely on easy-to-measure indicators that a person or brand is trustworthy, and having an interview readily available online is one of the best forms of social proof.

Web Authority

If potential clients cannot find much information about you online, they are less likely to become your customer. When someone Googles your brand, having the interview show up can benefit you significantly.


Having an interview published dramatically increases trust and the likelihood that a prospective customer will view you or your

business more favorably.

Our customers agree!

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While the questions on the template are open ended in nature, they enable us to get your baseline response. After submission, we tailor the question style and response to match the tone and banter of the interview so that it appears genuine and specific to you!

As you can see below, we take the simple Q&A format and expand on the questions and responses. We aim to put you in the best possible light, so you sound genuine, engaged, and professional.


Your company is named ABC, a mobile gaming company.

Question on the form

"How do you differentiate yourself from competitors?"

Your answer on the form

"We focus on a quality gaming experience and keeping customers happy."

How it looks in the published interview

"It sounds like ABC has already seen great success expanding to international markets! How do you, as a company, remain competitive in this space while simultaneously capturing more market share?"

"We have a multi-tiered system in place to combat this. While we are aggressively focused on expansion to markets outside the US, we never let that hinder the core competency of our product: customer experience. That will always be our top priority, and retaining our customers is our primary focus. If that means we need to pull back on expansion, we will. Too many companies sacrifice quality for market share, and while that may work in the short term, without happy customers, you won't have a company for long."

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is this interview best suited for?

The interview publication is best if you want “social proof” for yourself, your brand, or your business. It allows you to share the interview with potential customers, friends, and colleagues and allows search engines to pick it up and add legitimacy.

The interview is focused on social proof, and is best for smaller brands to create a solid baseline of trust, which can increase leads and conversions from your customers.

How large is the magazine? How many viewers does it get?

BizTech Weekly is a professional publication with a rapidly growing reader base. We have around 5,000 monthly unique visitors on average. Customers primarily want this interview published for the web indexing it offers, allowing it to show up when their potential customers do a search. If you are a smaller brand or in the early stages, this is a much more powerful tool that adds legitimacy and trust.

FAQ image

Is there a fee to publish my interview? Why is it so low (relatively)?

We charge a base rate of $149.99 for all published interviews, though we do offer sales and discounts from time to time. This is well below the market rate, and it helps cover our editorial costs that come with publishing your interview such as time spent editing, formatting, and running due diligence checks.

While it is not uncommon to see magazines charge hundreds, and in some cases, thousands for a featured interview, the reality is that our magazine just simply isn’t big enough to justify those kinds of costs. People will pay more when the interview can generate substantial sales, which is only possible in publications with audiences to the tune of millions.

The price you pay for this interview is mainly for our editorial staff to organize, publish, and maintain your interview, giving you or your company a permanent web reference to further legitimize your business or service.

Why should I pay to have an interview published?

Many publishing services offer advertising, leads, social media boosts, and other forms of marketing, but very few focus on social proof and web legitimacy.

Consumers see ads all the time and have become desensitized to their content over the years. In this day and age, people want to see proof that your products and services are legitimate. When consumers search for your brand and find an interview in an impartial magazine, it enhances their level of trust far more than a simple PPC ad or Facebook post can offer.

At the end of the day, this interview is another marketing tool to aid you on your journey. We are not here to make absurd promises or far-reaching statements. The interview has worked wonders for many of our customers, but not 100% of them. Your overall brand, product, or service must do the heavy lifting.

I understand this interview won’t drive substantial traffic, but can I expect a slight boost?

We want to be as transparent as possible regarding this interview and don’t want you to assume it’s something that it’s not. Truthfully, it depends on whether you or your business is interesting enough to engage readers.

Each interview has a unique reception, and about 30% of interviewees report they see a moderate boost in traffic while 10% report a significant boost. That means 60% of the interviews only see slight or marginal increases in traffic. However, traffic is not the goal of the interview, the web presence and added legitimacy are what drives this marketing channel, which we often hear is much better when reaching out to prospective customers for your business.

One of our customers said it best: "I would rather have 100 visitors and 10 of them showing interest versus 1,000 visitors and none of them showing interest."

You really aren’t upselling this, are you?

We are not another fly by night infomercial, nor a marketing funnel money grab. We would rather be transparent with expectations and lose some prospective customers than make substantial promises and deliver the bare minimum.

Generally speaking, those who see value in this interview want the social proof, web presence, and trust building that it offers. We aren’t trying to claim it does anything beyond that.

How soon can I expect the interview to be published?

Once you have answered the interview questions and submitted payment, we typically have the interview published within one week. We often publish much sooner, but a week's lead time gives us plenty of opportunities to refine and enhance the interview to editorial standards.

On average, we have the interview published within three days, but this depends on how detailed the answers are, along with other factors such as business type and whether you offer a product or service.

If timing is urgent, we do offer a 24-hour priority publication addon for $49.99 that you can add through the payment link above.

Who are the primary readers of the magazine?

Millennials (50%), Gen Z (25%), Gen X (20%), Other (5%) who primarily live in the US/Canada with the following interests:

• Novel businesses and startups

• New technology and apps

• Activism through art, music, and culture

Roughly 60% Male, 40% Female.

75% have some college or higher.

Can I see an example of the look and feel of the interview?

Absolutely! Check out these example interviews below:

Tracy Harris Interview (Fancy Styling)

John Telly Interview (Flat Styling)

What is your refund policy?

Keep in mind we have been as transparent as possible regarding expectations, so we hope that you are well aware of what to expect when you decide to pay for an interview submission.

Nevertheless, we understand that nuance and unique circumstances exist, so we will refund you if you are truly unhappy with the interview. However, the guilt of having our editors put in all of your interview work for free is something we cannot refund!

Refunds should be requested sooner rather than later and within a reasonable time frame. Ideally, refunds should be requested within a day or two. Refunds cannot be given after seven days, as that is generally the timeframe when all content is indexed across the web. While you can probably do a chargeback with your credit card, keep in mind that it would be highly unethical, and we will more than likely remove your interview from the site, which would ruin any indexing benefits. Remember, a dead link does more damage to your online reputation than no link at all, so there is no benefit to enticing a refund maliciously.

In short, please do not try to game our system; we are a small business just like you. If you are truly unhappy though, we will gladly refund you.

How long will my featured interview stay on the site?

Technically speaking, your interview will likely stay on the site forever.

Legally, a minimum of three (3) years. We only say this in the event our publication gets purchased and/or acquired, our buyout clause states all URLs must remain live for a minimum of three years post acquisition. Generally speaking, however, M&A transactions with online publications tend to keep URLs on the site indefinitely (I.E. forever) as they usually have a strong backlink profile.

Where can I leave a review? Why are there fewer reviews on Google than on your website?

We ask all customers to leave feedback and a rating on both channels. The main issue with Google is that they publish your full name, and many customers do not like the lack of privacy or admitting they solicited an interview. 

If you feel comfortable, we would appreciate reviews on both channels. However, the reviews on our site are anonymized to initials for better customer privacy. You can leave a public review on Google here and/or a more private review on our site here. Reviews on our site are open but only "verified" reviews with a green checkmark should be considered. We want to make the review process as easy as possible, so this is the best trade-off between convenience and reliability.

We greatly appreciate all reviews because they give us valuable feedback on how we can provide better service to our customers, and give customers an unbiased opinion on our services.

What content/business am I not allowed to promote?

Due to the trust-building nature of the interview and its impact on your credibility, we take extra care to ensure you and your brand are legitimate and conducting business in good faith. The following business lines are prohibited from having an interview published due to multiple factors indicative of either deceptive business practices or are deemed harmful to the atmosphere and culture of our site and the internet at large.

This is not an exhaustive list, rather some examples of prohibited businesses and services:

• Multilevel Marketing Companies / Pyramid Schemes

• Affiliate Referrals

• Investment/Crypto Currency Scams

• Adult Content

• Dishonest or misleading claims

• Hateful/Harmful/Derogatory content

• Overtly controversial issues (E.g. Far Right / Far Left politics, etc.)

We reserve the right to refuse any submission that we feel would violate the trust building nature of the interview platform.

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